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Fusion marketing improves your business

Fusion. It is not a simple combination, mixture or solution. Fusion is the powerful process wherein molecules come together at very high speeds under the right conditions and create entirely new entities. 

Fusion is what powers the stars. TruStar Marketing fuses the art of the brand with the science of data analytics to grow results.

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Fusion’s success is measured. This is our mission and experience: 

To improve your marketing results dramatically and measurably, so you can see your impact and share the results with your leadership…with easy-to-understand data. 

At its simplest, our Fusion Marketing Process involves three critical elements:


Create consistent-and-compelling messaging that demands attention and reinforces your brand, building trust and fostering loyalty.


Inspire your universe of prospects with compelling calls to action that build measurable brand connections and deliver prospect data simultaneously.


Leverage the data to create truly meaningful, targeted communications that nurture cold leads through to customers to rev up your ROI.

Who benefits most: Growth companies in health care, insurance and high tech and industrial 

For businesses to truly thrive, brilliant brand messaging and data science, combined with today’s marketing technologies, are the raw materials for fusion. Any approach focused on just one of these raw materials cannot deliver or optimize the ROI growth companies seek.  

Many companies work with more conventional simple mixture approaches. For example, you may have a brand-focused strategy that experiments with some analytical marketing tactics, or a pure data tracking strategy that underplays the power of branding, design and emotional decision drivers. Each may generate some positive results, and yet fall far short of what is possible through a truly intelligent fusion of the critical ingredients. 


Paula Milam with her employees

Working collaboratively with you to maximize resources and brain power focused on growth. 

Our team of skilled brand storytellers and marketing data analysts come together, under the right conditions, focused on your goals, working collaboratively with you. TruStar Marketers bring in-depth understanding of how brand voice and messaging work together with data, tracking, technology and User Experience Design (UXD) to exponentially improve marketing outcome. We design and develop new brand messaging to build awareness and engage more prospects. We generate measurably more brand connections, collect key data and utilize this to design, develop and deploy timely, targeted, meaningful communications at key decision points in the sales funnel, enabling stellar results.

What if you harnessed fusion marketing power this year? Start with a test. Or, ask for an assessment of what you are doing now. 



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