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Health Care Marketing

Navigating complexities to great health care marketing is an art. 

It requires steely persistence for excellence, gymnast-like moves to traverse constant change and a psychotherapist’s understanding of patients and health care decision makers. Deep health care industry experience and persistent curiosity drives us to solve complex problems for our health care clients. These are the keys to measurable success in the health care industry…where the rules keep evolving as does the competitive landscape. 

Great health care marketing engages your audiences 

Great health care marketing engages your audiences on an emotional level and generates immediate attention. Setting your health care or health care tech brand apart from the pack–memorably. Brilliant health care brand messaging is driven by deep understanding of your customers and prospects and stakeholders. That’s why TruStar Marketing starts all health care brand messaging with qualitative research. 

Health Care Digital Marketing and Analytics

We also have the health care marketing data analytics and media savvy to strategically build a better mousetrap. So, you meet your audiences where they are in the patient or B2B health care sales journey. Then, we help you create compelling calls to action that deliver measurable brand connections, using the data to pull prospects more automatically through your sales journey. Conversion events are specific and trackable. 

Our health care marketing technology tools include the latest lead optimization technologies, such as Pardot, Marketo, Act-On and HubSpot, depending on what you use, as well as many others. Our health care marketing tech experts are highly skilled at establishing HIPAA compliant solutions, while leveraging the data science of targeting, segmentation and ongoing awareness. 

Leaders in Health Care Marketing, Paid Search Engine Marketing, and Mobile First SEO

Serving hospitals, physician groups, health care products providers and health tech companies across the country, TruStar Marketing is a true leader in health care paid search marketing for patient marketing, Mobile-First SEO and content strategy. 

Discover Health Care Marketing that Delivers Measurable Results Here.

TruStar Marketing experts meet you where you are in your health care marketing and work to fill in the gaps of talent you need. Some clients ask us for qualitative research for brand messaging development or for product and service design and development. Others start with digital competitive analysis for B2B or business to patient entities. 

Start to generate more from your health care marketing by requesting a 30-minute introductory chat or presentation, or request more information specific to your needs. We are happy to talk, share knowledge and experience and just get to know you better.