2023 Health Care Industry Trends and Brand Messaging

2023 Health Care Industry Trends: Brand Messaging is Key

On Jan. 19, the Nashville Health Care Council (NHCC) brought together some of Nashville’s brightest minds and biggest thinkers in health care for a conversation on “Wall Street’s View on Prospects for the Healthcare Industry.” The event opened a dialogue among more than 400 attendees on the economic outlook and trends for the industry in 2023, both in Nashville and beyond. 

The Top Economic Health Care Trends to Watch in 2023

The panelists, who represented hospital systems, investment banks and equity research firms, identified these trends to watch in 2023: 

  • Digital health: A growth in digital health care to deliver more precision and personalization in medicine 
  • Retail health: Increasing popularity of health retailers (such as CVS, Walgreens, etc.) for convenient, quality and transparent care 
  • Value-based care: An expansion of value-based care beyond primary care settings to multispecialty health systems to improve care quality and outcomes for patients 
  • Health equity: A growing focus on ensuring all people have equal access to quality care, regardless of social determinants of health 

The NHCC event’s high-caliber panelists included moderator David Dill, Council board chairman and chairman and chief executive officer of Lifepoint Health; George Hill, research analyst at Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc.; Justin Lake, analyst of health care services at Wolfe Research, LLC; and Whit Mayo, senior managing director for equity research at SVB Securities. 

When asked to give advice on how Nashville health care organizations can drive growth and success this year, all panelists mentioned the importance of making your value add clear. To do this, you must start with a deep understanding of:  

  • Your client’s pain points 
  • The problem(s) you solve 
  • What you do well 
  • How to maintain a strong culture and accountability 

Watch the full recording provided by NHCC here

Our Takeaway: Memorable Brand Messaging that Appeals to Primal Emotional Decision Drivers is Critical 

When the panel discussed the importance of truly understanding your areas of value and how they address your audience’s pain points, we considered the significance of the qualitative research process in discovering these distinctions.  

We utilize a specific qualitative research approach when we design powerful new brand positions. This process includes a comprehensive mix of market research and in-depth, one-on-one interviews.   

This research discovers the underlying primal emotional and pragmatic decision drivers of your prospects, customers and stakeholders. We discover common threads across all audiences. Then, we identify opportunity gaps and present key components that drive the design of powerful brand messaging.  

Done well, this process reports perceived trends, roadblocks and desirable brand messaging components that each of your audiences value. These findings lay the foundation for designing the brand messaging architecture that speaks powerfully to your audiences for measurably improved engagement.  

Identify Pain Points to Build Brand Messaging Concepts

To David Dill’s point, identifying pain points is a significant learning in this research step, as pain points often drive emotional purchase decisions and roadblocks. They help us build out brand messaging concepts in the form of what we call “adcepts.” These adcepts take the form of ads and indicate the type of graphics and copy that will drive your new brand position.  

Once final, powerful, updated communications for digital and traditional media are developed. Targeted variations for each unique audience segment are designed.   

Digital marketing efforts such as social media advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and a well-defined content strategy are included, highlighting your differentiators and how they ease your clients’ pain points while appealing to client needs.  

The combination of thorough qualitative research, brand messaging design and digital marketing efforts is critical to success for both B2B and B2C health care companies in 2023’s expanding marketplace. 

TruStar Marketing specializes in creating brand messaging and marketing that engages your audiences on an emotional level and generates immediate attention, which is measured in real brand connections. Learn more about our health care B2B and direct-to-patient marketing expertise. 

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