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And that’s the way the Cookies Crumble …

By Kevin Reynolds, Creative Manager & Digital Lead, TruStar Marketing

Google announced that starting on Tuesday, May 14th, the developer’s version of Chrome will receive a privacy update that will allow users to manage and block the cookies tracking them online, via a privacy dashboard.

Cookies are the bite-size pieces of data that are passed from a web server to a web browser when you visit a website. These cookies get “collected” when you fill out a form, create a user preference on a web app, or even just visit a site.

Why Now?

Privacy concerns and data vulnerabilities, in addition to the use of cookies for aggressive marketing retargeting campaigns and digital advertising, have brought the use of cookies under so much scrutiny that Chrome is now releasing cookie blocking technology within their browser. What makes Chrome’s addition to the party noteworthy is that they dominate the browser industry with a 63% market share. Added together with existing browsers with cookie blocking, over 83% of browser traffic will see sharply limited cookie activity- which should cause much concern to those advertisers who still rely heavily on cookie technology for ad targeting.

Why Should This Matter to Me?

Cookies form the foundation of many existing retargeting and online customer tracking methods (as opposed to existing cookieless solutions like search engine marketing and most social media marketing types). This shift will greatly degrade the effectiveness of these campaigns, requiring innovative new solutions to target your customers where they live, work, and shop all without ever tagging their device with a cookie.

What Capabilities does Device Driven Marketing Add to Your Marketing Arsenal?

IP addresses and mobile device IDs can be mapped to a home address and even follow a device from a specific targeted area like a store or special event, all without the user ever having to navigate to your website and be tagged with a cookie, providing significantly more effective and flexible prospect targeting for digital display campaigns. They do not, however, track your every move or purchases, etc. They are simply, less invasive in that sense.

Increase your Digital Display Results

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