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Clicks, Conversions, and a SEM Challenge Accepted

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At TruStar Marketing, we really love a challenge. One of our clients, which makes healthcare technology, recently asked us to perform Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for a client so they could deliver innovative technology to their healthcare partners.

Spoiler alert: In 3 months, our client was achieving a nearly 100% conversion rate, as measured by website traffic to target product landing pages.



There are many ways to count a conversion, but in this case, we measured how many people clicked on a search results ad that takes them to a landing page. Our client asked us to increase conversions to 3 different goal sets:

  • Sign-ups for the continuing education programs
  • Increasing sales for their most well-known product
  • Increasing sales for a lesser-known product.

Have you set the right goals for your business?


The first major challenge we faced for this project was targeting for a very small audience. Additionally, we faced the difficulty of trying to grow the audience due to the limited number of customers in this uncommon market niche.



TruStar Marketing was able to develop multiple solutions to address these challenges.

  • Implement a comprehensive Google Ads strategy.
  • Perform in-depth competitive research.
  • Gather tons of website data and sales funnel analytics to identify our new target audience and additional opportunities for growth in the market.
  • Focus on key industry target keywords.

Understanding the crossover between organic search and paid ads is very crucial, as the individual results from either are stronger when they work together. A key ingredient to success in SEM is having a good understanding of organic results.



Once we completed our plan for solutions, we decided our target’s success would be measured by the website traffic to the product landing pages. In three months, our healthcare tech client saw a near 100% conversion rate within the retargeted audience, which is almost unheard of in the world of SEM.

While we are happy with the success, we know it’s not always going to be perfect every time. That is why we also developed a system to see if there is any drop-off in conversion rate going forward. If so, we will be able to easily identify the problem and correct it.

Regardless, neither SEO nor SEM is “set it and forget it.”  Successful or not, these initiatives require ongoing monitoring, testing, and tweaking to stay effective.

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