Here’s Why Some Marketers Are Turning to HubSpot Now

Most marketers today are inundated with software and lead optimization platform options for managing leads, marketing communications and related automations, sales and more. Every day there is a new platform with new capabilities.  

Industry giants like Salesforce, its lead optimization platform, Pardot, and many others, such as Act-On and Marketo, have been helping companies track and manage digital leads from start to finish for decades. Today, app developers and software companies continue to add competitive products. As a marketing professional making these purchase decisions, it can be confusing.   

Despite so many valuable options, over the past year or two, we’ve noticed an increase in the number of our clients considering or moving to HubSpot. We like that, because we are a HubSpot Solutions Partner. We are also an Act-On Enterprise provider. So, we understand many of the valuable differences.  

HubSpot has dramatically increased its sales presence, and it has done a solid job of improving the user experience. It is costly, as every module is sold separately. For example, Sales and Marketing are two separate modules. Altogether, HubSpot connects multiple tools that work smoothly together. Most recently, HubSpot added its CMS capabilities, so you can build your website in HubSpot.  

You do not have to do that, but some marketers want to have all of their digital assets in one place. Some of the capabilities of HubSpot (most of which are shared by other platforms) include:  

  • Tracking prospect and customer online behavior and engagement 
  • Combining marketing outreach tools that are tracked to the CRM in real time 
  • Automatically enrolling leads in drip email campaigns  
  • Facilitating segmented lists and utilizing smart tags that can update CTAs for return visitors 
  • Developing websites and landing pages
  • Making it easier to set up and track landing page A/B split testing 
  • Tracking and measuring all online activity 

While HubSpot is a powerful platform for generating leads, increasing conversions and boosting sales, you’ll only reap the benefits if you know how to best navigate the complexity of the platform. 

But what does that mean for HubSpot specifically, and how can it benefit you? Check out our deep dive below. 

Why It’s Wise to Work with a HubSpot Solutions Partner 

As a HubSpot Solutions Partner, we have access to additional tools and support and deliver a level of experience and technical capabilities to your marketing team that is not typically found in-house. The program recognizes companies that have demonstrated HubSpot expertise and are committed to growing their knowledge base for the benefit of their clients. 

“At TruStar, our primary focus is to help our clients achieve their goals. Our HubSpot partnership allows us even more tools to be able to do that,” said Collin Peterson, senior account executive at TruStar. “I’m a fan of HubSpot because it makes a lot of processes easier. I’m excited to use it not only to help grow our own company, but to help solve the pain points of our clients.” 

Benefits of Working with a HubSpot Solutions Partner 

Working with a HubSpot Solutions Partner like TruStar Marketing creates a faster, better and smoother experience and onboarding process. It also ensures you seamlessly connect your data, teams and customers to simplify your marketing efforts through integration. 

If you are considering HubSpot or any other similar platform, we’d be happy to share our experience with each and provide our professional opinion. These programs are expensive, so it’s important to choose the right one.  

When it comes to HubSpot, here are seven benefits of working with a HubSpot Solutions Partner. 

1. You achieve better results – faster.

The HubSpot platform comes with a bit of a learning curve. It can take months for new customers to go through onboarding training, certification courses and knowledge articles to be able to use the platform efficiently for their needs. 

With the expert guidance of TruStar Marketing, you can onboard faster, more smoothly and more efficiently. Plus, you’ll have an unbiased team to help walk you through the journey of onboarding and building your first campaigns.  

A HubSpot Solutions Partner has already completed these trainings and is likely certified for a variety of applications, meaning you can hit the ground running as soon as the software has been implemented. We can help your internal team learn how to use the platform with the processes and approaches that work best for you. 

2. It saves you money.

Working with a HubSpot Solutions Partner can save you money. By replacing all of your current marketing tool subscriptions to platforms like Salesforce, Hootsuite, MailChimp, WordPress and others with HubSpot, you can keep the same capabilities you’re used to – and even add additional tools – with just a single subscription. You can even integrate your favorite tools into HubSpot, such as Outlook, WordPress and Google Ads. 

HubSpot Solutions Partners are typically able to offer you the HubSpot platform and onboarding training at a lower rate. If you choose to use HubSpot by yourself, you’ll also get stuck paying for both consultation and training fees that could be avoided by tapping into the knowledge of an expert partner. 

3. You have easy access to support.

Trying to get large companies like HubSpot on the phone with tech support can often take a while. By working with a certified Solutions Partner, you can skip the phone queue and get direct access to answers from your marketing partner 

This helps you solve problems faster with fewer headaches. Not to mention that your marketing partner already knows the ins and outs of your business and the goals you’re trying to achieve. 

4. It makes the transition easier.

Migrating your website, landing pages, email campaigns, social media management, paid advertising and more over to a new platform takes time and can delay your marketing campaigns. HubSpot Solutions Partners like TruStar have access to the technical skills and knowledge needed to ensure these migrations happen successfully and efficiently. 

5. It provides access to the latest tools and technology.

HubSpot Solutions Partners have access to additional technologies and resources that aren’t available to regular customers. By working with a partner, you can tap into the latest advanced tools to improve your marketing results. 

6. You benefit from both your agency’s expertise in your industry and HubSpot experience.

Your HubSpot Solutions Partner agency isn’t just an expert in HubSpot – it’s also likely an expert in both your industry and company, and it can take both into account for additional context when helping with your setup and campaigns. This helps to provide a personalized experience that minimizes time spent going over these details with regular tech support teams. 

7. Your marketing results improve.

Working with a HubSpot Solutions Partner enables you to improve your marketing results by: 

  • Improving your content creation and planning 
  • Creating better synergy between your sales and marketing teams 
  • Setting up meaningful data analytics that will help you make better business decisions 
  • Giving you access to experts in content creation, web development, design, technical search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing analytics to fill in skill gaps within your internal team 
  • Troubleshooting technical problems and quickly getting them fixed 

Get Expert Advice on the Differences Between Platforms 

TruStar Marketing is marketing technology-agnostic and accustomed to working in many platforms. This means we view your tech choices objectively based on your needs, budget and goals. We offer enterprise-level access to Act-on and are a certified HubSpot Solutions Partner, which helps our clients make the most of their chosen platforms.  

If you are considering a new CRM, lead optimization platform or other marketing technology, please feel free to reach out for a free discussion.  

It can take a lot of time and resources to do the comprehensive research required to choose the best CRM or content management platform to grow your business. Save your efforts by getting in touch with us for personalized recommendations. 

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