In TraDigital Marketing, Content Drives Success

We’ve all heard about the power of online and mobile marketing, but many executives have yet to figure out what actually works to increase sales.  In my experience, the most successful campaigns fuse the science of response marketing with the art of the brand. It’s all about tracking, analytics and brilliant creative that works on a bottom line basis. But, it must also integrate today’s media channels with innovative digital promotion and proven traditional advertising in a fresh new alliance which I call “TraDigital marketing.”  This is the world in which we live.

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And, technique alone is not enough.  The real driver of success is content.

As marketers, our aim is not only to target the right prospects in the right place, but also to inspire them to pass our content along to others.  We want our message to “go viral.”  This is the real supremacy of the internet.  But these days, the marketplace is so flooded with content – news, opinion, entertainment and more – that only the most exceptional content can break through the noise and get noticed.

Think about your own experience.  You probably have a Twitter account, but how many “commercial” tweets do you actually read – much less retweet?  How many “commercial” Facebook pages did you visit this week – or like?  How many promotional ads did you watch on YouTube?  And when you have an opportunity to receive a corporate e-newsletter, how many times do you check the Yes box?

I’m guessing your answer is not zero.  Like me, you probably do follow certain companies and find some promotions genuinely interesting.  Why do some stand out and not others?  Most likely, it’s because the successful companies set a high standard for content.   They provide information and tools that are genuinely helpful, or games and humor that actually entertains us, or human interest stories that appeal strongly to our emotions.

These companies resist the urge to “sell.”  They provide their brand and contact information, and perhaps they offer a high-value reason for us to ask for more information.  But they know that heavy-handed sales messages kill viral marketing.

They’re also careful about timing and frequency.  They don’t bombard us.  These companies know it’s better to present higher quality content less often, rather than to send trash every week.

Also, their follow-through is seamless. When we click on a link in their message, they guide us to a landing page that’s impeccably bonded with the content which grabbed our interest in the first place.

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