Top symptoms searched in USA

Top Symptoms Searched in US

Curious to know which diseases states are most paranoid about? So were we. After shortly getting sidetracked with Zombie Deer Disease search trends, (yeah, they are rising!) the Flu won out as most commonly searched symptom across the US (landing in the top three searches per state). But if you want to know which states have particularly questionable queries… keep reading! Did you know that in the DC area, the most searched illness symptom was food poisoning, while neighboring state Virginia was busy googling carbon monoxide poisoning? Curious, don’t you think, that the area with the highest concentration of politicians is searching for symptoms of food and carbon monoxide poisoning? If you work at a hospital in Nevada, data suggests you might have numerous communicable diseases in your waiting room, like chlamydia and pink eye. Apparently what happens in Vegas sometimes comes home with you. For those of you dreaming about retiring in Hawaii, it seems that panic attacks are a big concern there. Maybe because it’s one of the most expensive places to live in the US? Those hailing from Alabama are searching for symptoms of dry drowning (it’s scary and serious), and residents of Connecticut are concerned with gluten intolerance…and tapeworm. Interesting.

Here are the Top Rising Unique Symptom Searches per State:

Alabama– Dry drowning
Alaska– Pneumonia
Arizona– Hepatitis A
Arkansas- TMJ
California- Whooping cough
Colorado- Asthma attack
Connecticut- Gluten intolerance
Delaware- Strep throat
DC- Food poisoning
Florida- Hemorrhoids
Georgia- Sepsis
Hawaii- Panic attack
Idaho- Hypoglycemia
Illinois- WebMD symptoms check
Indiana- Congestive heart failure
Iowa- ALS
Kansas- E. coli
Kentucky- Hormone imbalance
Louisiana- Heat stroke
Maine- Anal cancer
Maryland- Sjogren’s
Massachusetts- Fibromyalgia
Michigan- Caffeine withdrawal
Minnesota- Stomach ulcers
Mississippi- Keto flu
Missouri- Somatic symptom disorder
Montana- Pertussis
Nebraska- Pancreatic cancer
Nevada- Chlamydia
New Hampshire- Early pregnancy
New Jersey- MS in women
New Mexico- PTSD
New York- Candida auris
North Carolina- Testicular cancer
North Dakota- Gallbladder
Ohio- BPD
Oklahoma- Low iron
Oregon- RSV
Pennsylvania- Melanoma
Rhode Island- Colon cancer
South Carolina- Carpal tunnel
South Dakota- Lupus
Tennessee- Congestive heart failure
Texas- 2019 Flu Texas
Utah- OCD
Vermont- IBS
Virginia- Carbon monoxide poisoning
Washington- Diverticulitis
West Virginia- Lung cancer
Wisconsin- Lead poisoning in adults
Wyoming- West Nile virus

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