Winning brands utilize both an emotional and pragmatic appeal approach to brand messaging and style. If you want your brand to be memorable, you need to communicate both verbally and visually in such a way that your unique value proposition shines through.

TruStar’s brand messaging design services will inspire, motivate and stimulate your audience’s desire to invest in your products or services.

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Qualitative Research

Effective brand messaging starts with an in-depth understanding of your audience, which is gained through the qualitative research process. This renders findings that are used to identify opportunity gaps and present key components that drive the creation of your brand messaging.

Market Research
Pin down messaging opportunities through a comprehensive analysis of current customer pain points and preferences in your market. We’ll examine the characteristics of prospects as well as their purchasing power to reveal a clear, concise brand storyline designed to speak directly to them.

We’ll also dive into what is and isn’t working about your competitors’ brand designs to ensure you stand out from the pack.

In-Depth Interviews
Following our initial research, we’ll host individual interviews with members from all your major audiences, including:

  • Company stakeholders
  • Prospective clients/customers
  • Current clients/customers
  • Additional influencer audiences based on your company

User Personas
After conversations with your stakeholders, we’ll use the deep understanding we’ve gained of your audiences to refine and develop your target user personas and ideal customers.

Brand Messaging & Architecture

The structure of your brand is created through a combination of qualitative research and your input. We don’t just shoot you a report of our findings. Instead, we present them either in person or virtually for further interpretation to open a discussion on potential brand direction.

Your brand architecture defines the images, colors and messaging that will appear together across all platforms to encapsulate your brand.

Brand Positioning
Clearly define what you offer, who your audience is and your unique value proposition with an internal brand positioning statement. Your brand position should be the foundation for your messaging and pull consistently through your culture and all communications.

Messaging Strategy
Brilliant brand messaging sets you apart memorably from your competition. Brand messaging should immediately convey a clear point of difference that emotionally draws people in to make a lasting impression. It should also account for pragmatic decision factors.

Creative Direction
Qualitative research should reveal insight into what visual elements your clients, customers and prospects are most drawn to. To complement your new brand messaging, your primary and secondary brand colors and fonts should be nailed down through the creation of a company brand and style guide that will provide clear direction for all existing and future materials.

Art Direction & Design
Your brand logo is your first chance to make a positive brand impression. It’ll appear everywhere from the top of your website to your business cards and products. Your logo and its complementary design features should build from your established style guide to:

  • Reveal your identity
  • Communicate your values
  • Increase brand recognition
  • Instill a reputable brand reputation
  • Set you apart from competition

Brand Structure
To put the finishing touches on your brand, TruStar will help you define calls to action that will create memorable engagements with your brand. All of this is done through the voice of your target audience so it resonates with them.

Brand Messaging Execution

Memorable branding means nothing if it isn’t consistently used. Your brand look, tone and voice should be so easy to recognize across all marketing platforms that prospects won’t even need to see your logo to know something was produced by your company.

TruStar will help execute your new brand through copy, graphics, print materials, videos and other multimedia through strategic topic planning and channels.

Writing text for marketing purposes is the easiest way to communicate a clear message every way, every time. Our professional copywriters will fuse your brand identity and values to develop a unique brand voice.

Content Marketing
The frequency of the content you produce is just as important as consistent use of your branding. TruStar will help your brand stay top of mind through a strategic content calendar that includes:

  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Email campaigns
  • Case studies
  • Educational articles
  • And more

Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing is an opportunity to immediately get a message in front of your audience, connect with them, learn their preferences and show authenticity. Effective social media marketing requires continual content production, monitoring and analysis – all of which TruStar can manage for you.

Videos & Multimedia
Brands that aren’t producing videos, animation, podcasts or other multimedia are missing out on sales. More than 85% of video marketers in 2022 say they’ve increased lead generation through video.

Engaging and useful videos have a clear concept and purpose defined prior to production. In other words, videos shouldn’t be created just for the sake of creating videos.

A video’s script must align with your core brand messaging and tone. It should also have a clear, value-driven point to convey.

TruStar can manage the production of your conceptualized video to ensure it aligns with your brand and is optimized for your website. Animated videos should be developed using your brand fonts and colors.

Marketing specifically to past customers or clients is an easy way to remind them of your brand and incentivize them with new products/services and promotions. The more often they see your brand, the more likely they are to remember it.

Develop a Memorable Brand That Generates Leads

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