Analytics provide you with crucial insights that lead to better business decisions. To optimize your data strategy, TruStar Marketing measures success with online tools that make this data easier to understand. Together, we will identify and monitor the key performance indicators (KPIs) that drive your business so you begin to see a bottom-line difference.

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Custom Data Visualization

Explaining marketing analytics to your leadership can be a challenge. Our custom data visualization products make understanding – and explaining – the analytics of your business painless. These tools will help you:

  • Recognize new trends, patterns and outliers
  • Process large amounts of data faster
  • Identify specific places for improvement
  • Gain insight into what is performing well
  • Uncover errors in the data
  • Take action to reverse negative trends

Data analysis is an ongoing process that requires constant attention to reap the benefits of your campaigns. Our team manages this process at a granular level and reports findings in a format that is ready for presentation to your leadership.

Transparent KPI Reporting

In today’s technical marketing environment, tracking clicks to conversions to sales across multiple platforms is a necessary part of moving any business forward. Results only come from things that are measured. Your competitors are using this data to improve their business, and you should be too.

TruStar will not only help you establish the best KPIs for meeting your business goals – we’ll also provide you with regular, transparent reporting.

Lead Generation
Lead tracking monitors how your prospective clients move throughout your website during each step of the sales process to better understand your primary audience. Lead tracking helps you:

  • Understand how your marketing efforts are driving leads
  • Improve your sales funnel
  • Collect information to drive new sales faster

Our proven lead generation process nurtures your prospects to conversion by turning your brand awareness and digital presence into lead generation tools. We help clients build calls to action that “pull” more qualified prospects through each decision point more efficiently and in larger numbers.

Sales Growth
Tracking sales helps you collect critical information about your sales performance and use that data to refine your sales process. This includes understanding which products or services, marketing campaigns and locations bring in the most revenue and why.

Conversion Rate
Conversion rates not only help you determine whether your marketing efforts are generating business results – they also help you compare performance across multiple marketing channels. This allows you to:

  • Decrease customer acquisition costs by maximizing the value per visitor
  • Increase revenue per visitor
  • Demonstrate the value of a campaign
  • Gain more customers
  • Focus your marketing efforts and budget appropriately

Website Traffic
Measuring conversions and website traffic should go hand in hand. If your site is seeing a high number of visitors but a low conversion rate, it’s an obvious sign that something isn’t working.

Return on Investment (ROI)
One of the biggest metrics your leadership likely cares about is how much of a return you’re getting on your marketing expenses. Our team will help you not only improve your ROI – we’ll also help you present it as clearly as possible with custom reporting.

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
The lifetime value of a customer measures the total profit your business can expect to achieve through a typical customer. Analysis of this metric helps you efficiently increase the value of the customers and website visitors you already have.

Website Management
Your website should offer your visitors the information they want – and need – faster. We are experts in website analysis and design that not only improves your ranking and experience but also customer satisfaction, which reinforces your brand to bring those visitors back.

Our development team is made up of expert coders and digital trackers who understand vital website KPIs. We build your site and then work with you to fully unlock the power of it to drive and capture more leads in your sales funnel than ever before.


A web tag is a short piece of code inserted into the back end of your webpages that collects data or performs a marketing task when a pre-defined event occurs on your site, such as a visitor loading a page.

Our coders add and enable tags across your site to bring you critical marketing insights without compromising data integrity, your site’s performance or your control over the data that is collected.

You should constantly be tracking and reporting on clicks to conversions to sales as well as how various personas journey through your site. This is a huge time investment that often can’t be managed by an internal team member who has other responsibilities. We’ll help you fill that gap.

Because multiple users – both internal and external – are likely accessing the back end of your site, consistently troubleshooting for errors is a necessity. Things change and break. We help you build across platforms so you don’t lose any tracking data.

We help fill highly technical skill gaps in your internal team with expert coders who are on standby to uncover and fix problems related to your site before they impact its performance.

“TruStar is a true partner that makes you the star! They have helped us on numerous occasions iron out details collaboratively with multiple players, including other vendors and business partners, to effectively solve complex analytics issues. TruStar’s objectives align with their clients’ – improving results and increasing sales.”

-Missy Acosta, Vice President of Brand Strategy at Delta Dental of Tennessee

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Measuring and understanding your marketing campaigns is just as important as implementing them. TruStar Marketing has the tools and expertise necessary to turn complex data into clear, meaningful insights that improve your business. Contact us today for a free intro call to discuss how analytics can supercharge your business growth.