Whether your ideal prospects are scouring Google/Bing, browsing social media or reviewing traditional media, our digital marketing and media planning teams deliver real-world experience driving more qualified leads and converting them to customers for you – whether they’re looking for a specific solution or don’t yet know they need one.

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SEO & SEM: Combined Search Strategy

Organic search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search engine marketing (SEM) work best together. The deep understanding of search intent discovered in SEO improves thinking and strategic planning for SEM. Ultimately, this combination increases your ROI for both.

We fuse SEO and SEM expertise to measurably grow your results online. And you’ll know not only how well it is working, but you’ll have regular, transparent reporting. Of course, being our collaborative selves, we do allow menu selection nonetheless.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Organic search accounts for more than half of trackable web traffic across industries. It also accounts for the highest volume of clicks, surpassing paid search clicks. In fact, the top three organic search results get 75% of the clicks, whereas position one only gets 31% of clicks.

Our SEO team has the highly technical search expertise and tools needed to identify your largest opportunity gaps. We also offer a free preliminary SEO audit so you can see the technical roadblocks that are preventing your best prospects from coming to your site. The total focus is to obtain the highest click-through rates, highest ranking and most conversions possible. We do this for over 100 URLs across the country.

Your custom SEO strategy considers factors like:

  • Your website’s reach, rank and response time
  • Search intent of your unique audiences
  • Keyword performance
  • Direct and organic search
  • Seasonality and campaign impact
  • Geo-centric opportunities
  • Page structure and design
  • Meta descriptions
  • Content type and quality

A comprehensive website audit can inform you of the technical errors that must be fixed to improve your ranking. Get your free preliminary website SEO audit by requesting one here.

Advanced Targeted Keyword Strategy
Want to rank higher on the terms for searches that deliver the most valuable visitors? Our proven process is designed to methodically help lift the ranking of your most commercially valuable keywords toward page one – faster.

It starts with a deep dive audit into your competition and your unique market’s important keywords and phrases. This discovers, evaluates and prioritizes the most relevant keywords based on search intent and those that drive the most business.

We present custom recommendations for creating the new pages designed specifically to help you rank higher on the most commercially valuable search terms. And then, if you like, we create them for you, analyze them and continue work to pull you up in ranking.

Content Development
Once the right keywords are chosen, you’ll need to integrate them into your content. We write the copy, blogs and other content that seamlessly integrate keywords while emphasizing rank and quality.

YouTube Channel Development
Fulfill additional Google search requirements and improve your Google ranking by optimizing visibility for your videos with the most relevant content. Our technical YouTube setup process increases traffic, engagement and views and maximizes video/channel exposure.

Search Engine Marketing (Paid SEM)

Build a reliable lead-driving and conversion program with paid SEM. Our team uses highly technical SEM strategies and best practices to drive quicker results and more clicks by the right people.

Audience Identification & Targeting
We’ll help nail down your buyer persona to create targeted ads on the right channels for your industry.

Content Tracking & Analytics
TruStar continually monitors and pivots SEM campaigns to ensure your spend turns back into revenue.

Full-Service SEM Management
Optimize your lead generation funnel with our ongoing, full-service SEM management service, which includes:

  • Constant, daily attention
  • Daily/weekly/monthly KPI analysis
  • Custom visualization reporting
  • Ongoing improvements
  • Troubleshooting
  • Client presentation

Content Strategy & Development

Most brands benefit from a “tell, don’t sell” approach to lead generation, including B2B businesses. TruStar provides clients with a consistent, persuasive content marketing strategy that integrates commercially valuable SEO keywords, engages prospects and drives conversions.

Our copywriters, graphic designers, video producers and other creative personnel develop interesting, informative and intentional content across all media formats to build relationships and grow measurable brand connections.

More than 80% of all web traffic is driven by videos. With YouTube as the world’s second-largest search engine, skipping video content in your SEO and SEM strategy means missing a large and engaged category of prospects.
TruStar develops engaging ideas, storyboards, creates and thoughtfully distributes video content including explainers, brand videos, webinars and more.

Blogs & Articles
We identify industry-relevant and SEO-valuable topics for blogs and articles designed to position you as a thought leader in your industry. Our written content creates a persuasive narrative your clients/customers will actually enjoy reading and is backed by:

  • in-depth research;
  • stakeholder interviews;
  • compelling data;
  • strategic keyword use; and
  • thoughtful storytelling.

Email Campaigns
Email marketing is easy to measure, drives conversions, engages new and existing audiences, and reaches clients/customers in real time. We develop personalized, segmented, mobile-friendly email campaigns aligned with your digital marketing goals.

Additional Media Formats
Podcasts, infographics, GIFs and social-specific content forms such as vertical reels and stories are increasing in popularity. We help you choose the best format(s) to reach your goals and audiences.

Social Media

Internet users spend nearly 2.5 hours per day on social media, so there’s no argument for not managing it well. Our social media digital marketing services:

  • Engage new audiences
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Increase conversions to sales

Social Media Strategy
Our social media stars will develop a social media marketing plan catered to your industry and niche. Together we’ll choose the right platform(s), map out content type and cadence, and set measurable social media goals.

Social Media Implementation
Consistency in social media marketing is key. We’ll handle content creation, publish posts on a pre-determined schedule and engage with your followers through consistent interaction. We’ll also “listen” to followers to help inform your overall digital marketing strategy.

Social Media Reporting & Analytics
You don’t have to guess whether our social media marketing strategy is working. We let the data speak for itself by measuring and reporting on campaign results. Our team also uses this data to look for areas for continuous improvement and adapt as needed.

Social Media Advertising
Social media advertising tools are more powerful than ever. Expand your reach beyond your followers with our highly targeted paid social media strategy that is based on specific interests, demographics, user behavior and more.

Integrated Media Planning

TruStar offers integrated media planning services designed to create a custom advertising roadmap to achieve your objectives. We’ll advise you on the optimal media platforms to effectively deliver your messaging to the right eyes and ears.

Over-the-Top (OTT) & Streaming Media
Over-the-top media refers to media that is delivered directly via the internet without the help of traditional broadcast media distributors. We’ll piggyback on the success of today’s streaming TV culture to reach more audiences than cable and satellite users.

Streaming Radio
Radio media advertising is known for being quick, easy and low-cost. We’ll work with target streaming radio stations to secure radio advertising slots based on specific shows, personalities and times of day to narrow our targeting to your intended audience to more qualified leads.

Native Media
Native advertising refers to paid advertisements that match the look and feel of the media platform where they appear. Creating compelling advertorials, sponsored social media posts and advertiser-funded programming for streaming and broadcast media reaches your potential customers in a format they already know and trust.

Broadcast Media
From cable and satellite to newspaper and magazine buys, our team will secure the best media marketing spots for each ad and create optimized content for the chosen channel(s).

Direct Mail
The idea of direct mail marketing may seem outdated, but direct mail open rates can reach up to 90%. This is likely far higher than any past email marketing campaigns you’ve run. We’ll develop eye-catching print content that won’t simply be torn in half.

Outdoor Media
Unlike radio, cable, print and streaming media, outdoor media isn’t sandwiched directly in between other ads. This makes your content more noticeable, and the repetition of people driving past it builds brand familiarity. Research shows that buyers are more drawn to brands they recognize.

Our media experts will research areas that are heavily trafficked by your audience and create an attention-grabbing content marketing strategy through defined messaging and design.

Trade Media
The easiest way to target B2B prospects in your industry is to make use of trade-specific media. We’ll research trade publications and develop a media marketing strategy based on reach, target roles and demographics.

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