Digital Marketing Strategy

Comprehensive Data-Driven Solutions that Focus on Your Customer Journey

Engage Your Audience Where They Live

With consumers living more of their lives than ever on a dizzying array of platforms, devices, apps, and social networks it is more important than ever, not just to have the broad capability to advertise across these media, but the strategic insight to determine which media are truly right to interact with your potential customers at each step in the process to drive engagement, recall, sales, and brand advocacy.

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Account Based Marketing Takes Your Customer Journey Across Channels

  • Google Adwords
  • Bing Search Engine Marketing
  • Facebook/Instagram Social Marketing
  • In-Stream and OTT (Over the top streaming) Video
  • Pandora/Spotify
  • Waze GPS Marketing
  • TruPoint Account Based Marketing

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Integrated Marketing Approach

Rather than consider SEO and paid services as silos, we understand that the two work best together in tandem to increase the visibility of your online brand and maximize your overall presence over time.

Improving a site’s organic search ranking allows for concentrating paid dollars on non-branded keywords, expanding the circle of your brand’s online influence

Keyword Research provides insights into how people are searching your brand that drive paid copy and targeting

An organic and paid listing on the first page of search results increases your chance of being selected for any given keyword

See how TruStar Marketing is leading the field of Mobile First and Voice SEO

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