Qualitative Research

The way to the heart and mind of your target audience is through deep understanding.

TruStar Marketing begins every brand messaging and user experience design (UXD) project with a deep understanding of your customers and prospects through in-depth qualitative research. We also specialize in product/service development qualitative research for technical, healthcare and other related industries.

These qualitative interviews are expertly facilitated dialogues that discover what your audiences really want, what they need and how they make decisions around those wants and needs.  The conversations are “blind” and feedback is real, open and not skewed. Objectivity is critical.

Qualitative marketing research is most often accomplished through one-on-one or threesome (triad) conversations.  Detailed findings are presented with recommendations and opportunities. This precise, best practice approach does not fail to serve up new and important information, even for clients who believe they already understand their market and audience.

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