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Mobile First and Voice Search Collide for High Speed Results

Over the past 12-18 months, the most-used search engines in the world have completely transformed the algorithms that govern your search rankings. At the same time, lightning fast growth of Voice Search with Alexa, Siri, Google Home, and related technologies, has changed the context and the way we request information – by voice. We do not speak or say our searches the way we key them in our devices.

The result? All the best practices, reporting, primary directives and detailed musts for ranking success have completely shifted. And, your organic search engine optimization (SEO) approach from last year requires a fundamental change. It’s a new day with Mobile First Voice Search.

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Mobile First Voice SEO Leaders

TruStar Marketers are leading the revolution and establishing the new benchmarks for success. Rankings across industrial, healthcare, insurance and financial industries, among others, have all been hit by the mostly unpredictable algorithm updates in the past year. Those that used to enjoy top rankings haven seen rapid decline…unless they are optimized for Mobile First and Voice Search changes. We stay up to date and track these. Our focused, detailed analytical approach continues to win.

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Voice Search Optimization Specialists

Improving a site’s organic search ranking also allows for concentrating paid dollars on non-branded keywords. SEO Keyword Research provides insights into how people are searching your brand that drive paid copy and targeting. And, having both an organic and paid listing on the first page of search results increases your chance of being selected for any given keyword.

The business generated from SEO can be measurable, depending on your set up. Ask us about this. As example, one ecommerce client generated over $150,000 in sales in 3-months from a $10,000 investment. Find out more on our free informative 20-minute demo.

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