Digital Marketing Wired to Close More Sales

Insurance Marketing that Delivers Subscribers


A large regional health benefits provider asked us to:

  • Drive more sales through digital marketing and deliver a clear picture of how leads were REALLY CONVERTING on their separate enrollment platform (outside of their main website).


  • Started with little to no data visibility across platforms.
  • Tracking through to enrollment had never been done before.
  • Accounts not well segmented for their diverse audience and offerings.
  • Large amounts of digital ad dollars went to brand keywords that were ranking well organically.


  • Shifted budget from low-performing keywords.
  • Split audience, targeting distinct insurance plans, with unique campaigns and focused landing pages.
  • Engineered tracking code through collaboration with multiple partners.
  • Delivered conversion data visibility from click to landing page to enrollment platform and COMPLETED NEW MEMBER APPLICATIONS for the first time.
  • Maximized efficiencies considering seasonality, shifting to high-opportunity keywords over branded already ranking well organically.

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In just 3 short months, our insurance client saw:

  • 484% INCREASE in qualifying conversion rates (from 4% to 23.35%).
  • 800% DECREASE in Cost per Conversion (from $74 to $9).
  • Detailed analytics with actual COST PER ENROLLMENT.
  • Custom aggregate and individual campaign dashboards with deep drill down reviews monthly.