Technician is checking air conditioner ,measuring equipment for filling air conditioners.

Dynamic Content Delivers More HVAC Appointments



Improve paid search to bring in more cross-selling opportunities and deliver more appointments.

$300+ Million regional home and facilities services company wanted to improve their digital marketing and sought opportunities to drive new customer acquisition.


Homeowners and facilities owners/managers have specific needs at specific times. Unless these needs are brought up, service personnel can’t address them.

  • There are seasonal trends for certain services.
  • Timely upselling opportunities were not being acted upon.
  • Cost of marketing was not tied to acquisition nor optimized in real time.


TruStar Marketing designed and implemented a plan based on identifying new opportunities and ways to fine-tune website and on-site customer interactions.

  • Overhaul of digital marketing by segmenting service lines and added geo-fencing and competitive-smart strategies.
  • Discovered unrealized opportunities that led to new keyword search categories; reframed searches to deliver the greatest lead source, along with the ability to set appointments quickly.
  • Created a dynamic mobile landing page system that customizes to users’ searches.
  • Linked data from AdWords to the landing page engine.
  • Introduced automated workflows.

Example of specific wording that increases service inquiries:

Dynamic Ads and Landing Pages by Location & Search



More inquiries for a wider array of services and more appointments at a lower cost of acquisition.

  • Reduced average cost per qualified lead from $36 per to under $10 per.
  • Increased sustained conversion (on calls and chats) by 34%.
  • Increased quality score in AdWords to rank display ads higher at a lower cost.