Health Care Brand Messaging: The Power of One



This large regional health care company wanted one powerful brand position that could be successful for its two unique business segments. One segment provided health care placement services to large healthcare employers and the other provided direct care for the intellectually and developmentally disabled.


Conducted in-depth qualitative research with prospects, customers and key stakeholders of each company. Discovered the distinguishing trend across all service lines, companies and audiences.


Findings:  In health care, the one right person in the right position dramatically impacts outcome. Outcome for the patient. Outcome for the health care provider. And outcome for that person’s family and friends. 



  • Improved Search Engine Visibility in first 60 days while relaunching 1,400-page website
  • Integrated automated ongoing communications for long term relationships 
  • Immediately received B2B leads
  • Increased candidate submissions by 85% in first 2 months