Health Care Voice SEO Success



A national hospital system with over 100 hospital and physician groups wanted to measurably increase patient engagement organically while improving cost efficiencies. A scalable, replicable, cost-efficient SEO approach needed to be designed.


Every hospital had technical issues that had to be addressed beforehand.

These included:

  • Some sites used code that blocked search engines
  • New Schema code applications were needed for SEO to work well
  • GMB (Google My Business) experience cards had not been claimed
  • Confusion among hospital managers over SEO jargon and technical issues
Graph showing increase in Hospital and Physician Website results


Strategic plan accommodated starting first with validating results data for initial small group, then scaling efficiencies across over 100 hospital and physician website properties.

Steps taken were:

  • Established best practices with 3-5 initial hospitals before expanding the plan.
  • Testing three properties for three months, then adding six to 10 new properties a month over the next three quarters.
  • Establishing monthly hospital marketing team check-ins to review custom SEO dashboards.


Success is measured in increased search visibility, ranking, and patient connections, along with cost efficiencies.