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Large HVAC Provider Starts with Qualitative Research



A large, 300+ million dollar regional HVAC services provider with both residential, business and construction services wanted to better understand what its customers and prospects wanted in order to better communicate with them.


We started by understanding their customers and prospects through blinded, in-depth qualitative research discussions with homeowners, facilities managers, commercial construction companies and stakeholders. The findings revealed:

  • Customers, even good ones, do not readily understand the full scope of high quality services provided – even though messaging described these services
  • People consistently said reliability was the reason for their choice – specifically regarding showing up on time
  • Price mattered, but not if the work was not done properly
  • Business and residential prospects want a balance of these critical success benefits:
    • CONVENIENCE:  Help when it’s most needed; arriving on schedule.
    • CONFIDENCE: The right, qualified technicians for a specific job
    • TRUST and TRANSPARENCY:  Trust the people working. Integrity.
    • COST:  Pricing that is right and not too expensive


  • We built powerful, memorable brand messaging alternatives around VALUE in an emotional way to instantly connect with B2B and B2C audiences.
  • TRUST was instantly ignited through the story of highly skilled technicians and their commitment to a job well done.
  • We also delivered targeting messaging positions for each audience and major service.
These are the hands of expertise


Detailed findings with opportunity gaps reporting continually referenced, providing new insights

Powerful messaging direction evokes memorable, emotional brand connections. (Please note that these messaging examples do not reveal client name).


Qualitative Research