KYZEN clean

Mobile First UXD Website for Global Tech Business

High tech industrial marketing teams know decision makers start the sales journey for their products online. Slow load times and hard-to-find product information on your website impacts user experience negatively and reduces brand connections. TruStar’s UXD (User Experience Design) process for website design eliminates this problem.


Key updates by search engines were gradually, negatively impacting KYZEN’s website performance.

  • Mobile first requirements by Google moved faster than the existing website that was just 5 years old.
  • Additional updates in search engine algorithms required faster loading times than the formerly popular slider headers could accommodate.


Conducted TruStar Marketing’s Comprehensive Technical and UXD Audit:

  • Sitemap Audit and Recommendations  
  • User Experience Analysis
  • Page Structure Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis

Key Findings:

  • Common decision maker website entry points and user flows by persona.
  • High traffic landing pages for new and returning website visitors.


TruStar Marketing created the new User Flow Strategy & Recommendations and:

  • Created user-centered sitemap built on actual user testing.
  • Re-designed the entire site for mobile first and UXD.
  • Design Engineered vast E-Knowledge Center library. Delivered extensive archive of technical papers, case studies and videos findable with simple industry, process and topic cues.


Mobile first KYZEN website went live in 4 months with:

  • Fast load times
  • Easy to find information by industry and process
  • User friendly navigation and brand messaging fused to deliver more inquiries