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Simplify the Complexities of Today’s Marketing Analytics


Share meaningful website analytics with a variety of time-pressed clients in the hospital and insurance categories. Clients include a national hospital chain and statewide insurance carriers. The deliverables needed to be accessible, robust and insightful. 


After conducting dozens of interviews with hospital marketing contacts, we learned there were wide-ranging levels of understanding and ability to distill website analytics information. Some confessed to having little experience with SEO, while others were self-proclaimed data nerds with web development experience. 

Some clients only looked at the analysis when it was delivered. They were interested in specific items like keywords or session growth. Others requested specific additional reports for insight to make marketing decisions. 

Hospital clients had many common service lines as priorities, such as emergency, surgery and women’s health. In other cases, some hospitals prioritized services that other hospitals in the chain did not offer. Examples include urology and orthopedics. 

We meet semi-monthly with insurance clients who want data on trends, particularly growth with a special focus on enrollments (conversions) from organic search. 


SEO TruPoint

TruStar unlocks the power of data through beautiful interactive dashboards that track KPIs, visualize trends and compare performance over time. We take data from a variety of sources, including SEMrush, Google Analytics and more. Our analysts are more than number crunchers. They are experienced marketers with the technical know-how to provide actionable business intelligence. 

We approach organic search analysis by answering 4 questions:

  • What words do people use to find your content, and where does your content rank against the competition?
    • Keyword analysis looks at queries that generate traffic to your website. This includes unbranded, long-tail keywords that start top-of-funnel customer journeys.
  • Which pages do people land on after finding you? 
    • Landing page analysis examines page performance and keyword position, looking for growth opportunities. Pages with positive traffic but keyword position outside the top 5 may perform better with optimization. We help you identify these opportunities.
  • How do people interact on your website after arriving via organic search? 
    • Sessions analysis can spot trends and anomalies for insights that lead to smart business recommendations. 
  • What is your website’s perceived trustworthiness and authority?
    • Google’s focus on Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) means high-quality backlinks can lead to improved SEO performance. We can advise on how to get more – and better – backlinks to improve your ability to rank for priority keywords.


  • New dashboards with customizable charts let anyone review and analyze real-time data.    
  • Live training sessions show how the dashboards work. Detailed documentation provides additional context for review and analysis.  
  • Analysis of the data is shared regularly with clients on a monthly or quarterly basis. Analysis includes an explanation of the data and recommended actions. We take the time to answer any questions before any next steps are taken.